The end of the first week...

Well, we survived getting the CDs here and through customs. They shipped via DHL, and it all went pretty well. We have a great digipack, some postcards and download cards. We went with Oasis CD manufacturing. I wanted to get a Canadian supplier, but the package through Oasis was just too good to pass up. I would highly recommend them to any indie musician...seriously, could not be happier. Here is the cover of the digipack. Bing drew all the illustrations and Maisie did the graphic design. It really turned out great. The inside is a crazy collage. I'll get a pic of that up tomorrow.

Bing's CD available on CD Baby!!!

Bingham Willoughby: Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow


Bing's CD is live

Well, the CDs have arrived and we are now the proud owners of several boxes of Bing's debut, solo CD. It has been a lot of work to get to this point...but we are super happy to be here. There will be more information here, on the CD and the other creative work that we're doing...for now, that is the update.

Check out his CD here.